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Woodblock Printmaking Process

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I use traditional skills to make my Woodblock Prints. I carve all the woodblocks by hand from solid hardwoods - Cherry, Holly etc., and then print on a traditional style press that I built myself. No machines or electronic printing.

This section contains information about this, including some videos, which I am expanding as times goes on.

Creating the Woodblocks
This article outlines how I create my woodblock, starting from a large plank of timber, hand sawing and hand planing into a blank, then carving by hand the design required. read more...

This article outlines how I print my wood blocks using the press that I made myself. read more...

Printing Press
I have made my own prototype wood press, which works, but I hope one day to make a more elegant one from English Ash. read more...

I use just a few simple hand tools to make my items - I do not own let alone use the various machines you might expect to see in a workshop. Instead I use hand saw, hand planes and some chisels. Simple traditional techniques. read more...

I use several professional relief printing inks to complete me work, the different inks being used for different purposes read more...

I use various paper types for my mounted prints and greetings cards. read more...

Woodblock Woods
I make all my own woodblocks to print with, using a variety of solid hardwoods (no plywood), cutting all from large planks, planing and carving myself - all using hand tools such as hand saws, hand planes etc. read more...

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