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Tool Sharpening

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I have many years experience in sharpening tools, sharpening to a good degree of sharpness using a variety of materials, and can sharpen other people's tools too.

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Wood Engraving, Burins & Gravers Sharpening & Maintenance
Prices from £POA
I can sharpen, shorten, maintain or make new wood engraving tools, burins & gravers. Can also repair handles etc.

Sharpening Woodcut & Lino Tools
Prices from £POA
I can sharpen Woodcut and Lino cut tools, so long as they are designed to be sharpened.

Drypoint / Etching / Mezzotint Tool Sharpening
Prices from £POA
Controlling the depth and width of marks with these tools requires sharp tools.

Drypoint / Etching / Mezzotint Toolmaking
Prices from £POA
I have made my own drypoint tools in the past, and can make for others.

Sharpening Wood Carving Tools
Prices from £POA
I can sharpen standard wood carving tools as well.

Hand Saw Sharpening
Prices from £POA
I have sharpened my own hand saws for a number of years, both on crosscut and rip saws. Note: I don't sharpen modern hardpoint saws or machine saw blades.

Hand Plane Sharpening & Maintenance
Prices from £POA
Having used hand planes for many years, I can sharpen and maintain these tools.

Sharpening Materials
Prices from £POA
I sharpen using a variety of materials, including this Aluminium Oxide film which I sell in short lengths.

New Handles
Prices from £POA
I can make new handles for push tools such as Wood Engraver tools in a variety of woods.

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