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Solid woodblocks for relief printmaking, in various hard & soft woods, hand made using traditional skills using mainly hand planes etc., by David Rodgers in the UK.

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Having started digitising some of my 35mm slides from the 1980s/1990s, I include a few here. Over the years, I've been to most Scottish Islands, including Shetland (most photos not included here). One day I hope to visit Orkney.

Film 11 to 13: LGS USSR School Trip
Dec 1989: Aged 16, I visited the USSR on LGS school trip in Dec 1989, 5 weeks after the Berlin Wall fell, a pivotal time in Eastern Europe and Soviet Politics. We visited Leningrad, Kiev (Ukraine) and Moscow which each had memorable moments.

Film 26 to 29: Outer Hebrides - Uist, Benbecula, Harris and Lewis
1991: Family 1991 holiday to Outer Hebrides - Uist, Benbecula, Harris and Lewis .

Film 21: Snow, Kinder Scout (Derbyshire), at home
Feb 1991: Walk over Kinder Scout (Derbyshire) in snow, with Kinder Downfall frozen, sits in memory as a fairly epic winter walk, there was a lot of snow and ice around. And it was cold I imagine too! My photo record book says we had a school snow day on one of the Fridays.

Film 1986_2: LGS School Trip to Isle of Man in 1986
1986: Found a few photos from 1st year Isle of Man School trip in April 1986 - hoping to find more.

Film 1984_2: Emmanuel School Trip Photos? (password protected)
1984?: Password protected area containing Emmanuel School Trip Photos?.

Film 1985s: Family Photos (password protected)
1985: Password protected area containing 1985 family photos.

Film 1984s: Family Photos (password protected)
1984: Password protected area containing 1984 family photos.

Film 1983s: Family Photos (password protected)
1983: Password protected area containing 1983 family photos.

Film 1982s: Family Photos (password protected)
1982: Password protected area containing 1982 family photos.

Film 1980s: Family Photos (password protected)
1980s: Password protected area containing additional unknown family photos.

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