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Solid woodblocks for relief printmaking, in various hard & soft woods, hand made using traditional skills using mainly hand planes etc., by David Rodgers in the UK.

Inlayed Oak Contemporary Table Clock (CKT5)

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Height: 26cm, Width: 11cm, Depth: 9cm approx., measured from front view to outer edges
Material: Oak Wood
Condition: Unused clock, Sold at Discount. Made between 2011 and 2014, in good condition. Making way for new stock.
Clock Hands: Hour & Minute (no seconds hand)
Clock Dial: No hour markers - for a contemporary feel
Mechanism: Better quality German UTS, tick is quiet (not silent), requires AA battery

Price: Price £35.00 £125.00 + postage

Individually hand made by myself using just hand tools (hand saws, hand planes etc.) from specific pieces of interesting timber and no two are identical.

Hand Made using hand tools only
Entirely handmade wooden clock, made by myself from either a solid plank or locally sourced tree, cut by using hand saws, and planed flat / shaped entirely using hand planes, and finished with either Danish Oil or clear Furniture Wax depending on the timber.

Clock Mechanism
Mechanisms are usually better quality German made UTS mechanisms, requiring one AA battery. I can also make with mechanical mechanisms, however costs for these are much higher.

Damaged Goods in Post
As all clocks are one off hand made, in the very unlikely event that the item is damaged in the post, isn't usually possible to replace with an identical item. In which case your options are replacement with similar clock at similar price, or full refund.


For my clocks I am using up some old plastic based packaging to post these, once this is gone will find a plastic free alternative. It seems a shame to throw it away.

Colour Variation
Allow for variation of colour due to different ways computer screens show colour - computer screens, phones and tablets etc. will all show colour slightly differently.

Photos are not necessary reliable guides to item sizes, check written sizing information on this page or contact me for more information.

Design copyright David Rodgers 2019. All rights reserved. No reproduction without written permission.

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