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As well as maintaining other people's tools, with larger hands used to larger woodworking tools, and with serious muscular issues including in hands & wrists, working on own engraving tool handles, not to reinvent the wheel, but try and make more usable for me.

Started by looking at what can be made, then worked on Ergonomics; also looking to make using more decorative woods with a sympathetic finish (no stains or varnish).

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July 2020

Walnut Engraving Tool Handles
Getting nearer with the shape, and addressing the challenges in creating the handles.
Fri 31st Jul 2020

Experimenting with Wood Finishes
Want to use traditional finish that is sympathetic to wood that enhances it, but safe to use, and not varnish/stains.
Thu 30th Jul 2020

Engraving Tool Ergonomics & Reinventing the Wheel
My thoughts on Ergonomics, and why I appear to be reinventing the wheel.
Sun 19th Jul 2020

Engraving Tool Ferules
My thoughts on Ferules for engraving tools.
Sat 18th Jul 2020

Another Wood Engraving Handle
Second test handle getting nearer, but needs testing with engraving now.
Thu 16th Jul 2020

First Test Handle, a little big perhaps
Pleased with first test handle - on tool - perhaps slightly too big, but that is something I can work on.
Wed 15th Jul 2020

Turning a Handle, Woods & Tools
Next test wood engraving tool handle being turned, these being slightly larger than usual.
Tue 14th Jul 2020

Making my own Wood Engraving Tool Handles
Standard engraving tool handles are too small for me, so experimenting in turning larger ones in more attractive woods.
Thu 9th Jul 2020

June 2020

Sharpening Wood Engraving Tools for others
With many years experience in sharpening, I can and have sharpened tools for others, and hope to turn my own handles / make own tools.
Mon 29th Jun 2020

April 2020

Wood Engraving Tools & Test Prints
Some of my wood engraving tools & test prints - I need a better picture but time hasn't been on my side.
Thu 2nd Apr 2020


December 2019

Sharpening Abrasive System & Reprofiling Wood Engraving Tint Tools
This week I have been Reprofiling my wood engraving tint tools using my Sharpening Abrasive System, so they produce a broader range of widths whilst engraving.
Thu 12th Dec 2019

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