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Sharpening Wood Engraving Tools for others

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Mon 29th Jun 2020
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With many years experience in sharpening tools to a high degree of sharpness, I have recently sharpened two separate sets of tools for a Society of Wood Engravers member (they were pleased with the first set, so sent a second), and may well sharpen more for them. As this is 'work' we can work to fit this within family life.

I am happy to do this for others and have a section on my site where more information can be found about this - see link below.

I am also getting my wood turning lathe up and running again so I can turn some handles hopefully, as well as shaping my own steel tools. The advantages of turning my own handles is getting different sizes and also using decorative woods such as Walnut, along with the standard timbers such as Beech. Do contact me if interested, or watch this space, or follow me on Instagram (link on right hand side of top menu bar).

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Blog Categories: Wood Engraving Tools | Wood Engraving Printmaking | All / Filter

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