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Inspiration: Barbara Hepworth 1961 BBC Documentary

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Fri 28th Feb 2020
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If only TV producers made more programmes like this 1961 Barbara Hepworth BBC Documentary! It is so well put together - very much 'less is more' - every image, word and linking/background music has been thought out carefully, and whilst there aren't that many spoken words, each and every word counts and says so much, there are no wasted words.

It helps of course that Barbara Hepworth is a very good written/spoken word communicator, there is a huge depth in what she says, there is a huge richness in it, that you have to re-read it 5 times to get it all sometimes. And you can't say that about every writer nowadays.

Yes, it may be 'only' black and white, it may have been created 59 years ago, yes the accents may sound old fashioned, and yes the music isn't likely to make it to Radio 1 tomorrow (*), but it is excellent, and says so much, if you've got 30minutes spare, watch it, and you might, like me, find yourself rewatching it - more than once.

BBC iPlayer Link:
Barbara Hepworth 1961 BBC Documentary
* Personally I'm a Radio 3 listener, and have been for many years, so even if it did make it to Radio 1, I'm unlike to notice!

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