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'Engravers Two' by Simon Brett: Mini Book Review

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Tue 1st Oct 2019
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Book:'Engravers Two' by Simon Brett
A handbook compiled for The Society of Wood Engravers.
142 pages ; many wood engraving illustrations
This Edition Published By:Silent Books (paperback 1994)
ISBN:1 85183 038 3 / 9781851830381

I borrowed this book initially from my library, but so interested was I that I bought my own copy. Simon Brett's introduces the book as follows:

 The aims of this book when first published were to put into permanent record a new generation of wood engravers, to present work by a range of currently active engravers... 
- p7 of 'Engravers Two' by Simon Brett

'Engravers Two' by Simon Brett

And the book does just that. My copy is from 1992, 28 years ago, sadly some of those included have now passed away, but others are still very active, some as previous Chairs to The Society of Wood Engravers. I note with interest that the present Chair, Chris Daunt was a subscriber in 1992, but is now a very active member, as well as a wood engraving block maker.

This book is to be recommended if you wish to see a broad range of examples of wood engraving, and to learn a little about the history of the people involved.

For more information see: The Society of Wood Engravers

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Blog Categories: Inspiration & Books Reviews | Wood Engraving Printmaking | All / Filter

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