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'Barry Moser: Workshop in Wood Engraving' from Ritchie Video Archive: Mini YouTube Review

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Fri 24th Jan 2020
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DVD:'Barry Moser: Workshop in Wood Engraving' from Ritchie Video Archive
This Edition Published By:Ritchie Video Archive from original 1982 recording

I wouldn't normally review YouTube videos here, but this is an exception. Recorded in 1982 at the University of Washington in Seattle on video tape (remember those things?), this is Barry Moser giving a lecture and demonstration on Wood Engraving, something he is a master at.

At nearly an hour long, you'll get a lot from it if you listen carefully. Barry Mosers says he thinks there are 4 important aspects in Wood Engraving - Block Making, Drawing, Engraving and Printing, and he goes into each in detail. Whilst he doesn't expect you to be a block maker, what he says is still very informative.

I would personally add a fifth to this list - tools - but perhaps in his day he got just the tools he wanted, so didn't need to alter them, like I've done. But that is also perhaps personal preferance.

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