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'A History of Wood Engraving' by Albert Garrett: Mini Book Review

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Fri 20th Dec 2019
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Book:'A History of Wood Engraving' by Albert Garrett
408 pages ; 400 wood engraving illustrations
This Edition Published By:Bloomsbury Books (hardback, 1986)
Originally Published By:Midas Books (1978)
ISBN:0 906223 29 6
Summary: This excellent book contains a detailed history about the people involved in Wood Engraving, starting with the earlier craft of Woodcuts, through to the art revival in the 20th Century. It is an incredible resource showing a wide variety of wood engravings and styles, and giving a brief over view of the many lives that were involved with it, and the history of The Society of Wood Engravers (which is still going strong).

A friend of mine lent me several books on print making in November, including this one, and I was enthralled and had to get my own copy. A quick search on located a copy, and soon I was the proud owner of a 1986 version of this book.

The question was though, where to start? There was so much rich information to be seen - should I look through the illustrations, start at the beginning, or in the middle? I quickly excluded the middle as I needed the whole history to fully understand this, but to be honest I couldn't resist going through the 400 reprints of wood engravings first. It is incredible to see so many different people and styles of engraving in just one book.

Then to the reading. But I'll need to be honest here, I did start read it, but up to the point of writing this mini review I haven't had chance to read all of it. This isn't a fault of the book though, quite the reverse, there is just so much rich detailed information about the various wood engravers that I found myself taking so many notes that it is going to take me a while to read it all. But that is OK, it is a book I can work with like that, and I'm looking forward to reading more.

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