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COVID-19 - Unconditional Love

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Sun 14th Jun 2020
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At lunch time today, our 7 year old daughter turned around to our 9 year old son and said 'Did you know that if dad gets annoyed he still loves us. What is it called again?' To which we replied unconditional love.

And it is true. It isn't that we get annoyed or angry with them often, but like any parent our patience is sometimes tested but at those times it is also important to remind them that we have unconditional love for them too, and to tell that no matter what we do always love them and will always do. And that people do sometimes get annoyed, it is part of life.

It is important at this time of home schooling to do maths, english and the other subjects as much as we reasonable can, but we must also help them understand the wider world too, and help them to learn life skills, it is just as important. Particular now that we have been doing home schooling for 12 weeks.

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Blog Categories: Things we did | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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