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COVID-19 - First Outing in Car since March

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Sat 13th Jun 2020
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The Coronavirus has had many affects on our lives. Up to today I and our children had only left our house 5 times since 20th March - 12 weeks ago. I hadn't driven my for longer than that, but with some restrictions being lifted since lockdown, we needed a new kitchen table, so went to Ikea (we wanted something simple and functional that didn't matter spills etc. on from children).

But my car battery had gone flat, something which I am quite used to, so charged it up again. And yes, the battery for my car is under the passenger seat, not in the bonnet! Great for a little joke on an unsuspecting mechanic wanting to look for the battery - 'lift your bonnet up mate and I'll sort it in a minute ... er ... battery ... where is it?'. Under the passenger seat I cheerfully reply.

Now, would I be so cruel?.

Aside of this, life has been so hectic recently. My wife, who is a year 3-6 teacher, went back to work to teach year 6 2 weeks ago. This has changed once again the dynamic of our lives as I'm now trying to home school our 7 and 9 years old at home.

Charging car battery
Charging car battery

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Blog Categories: Things we did | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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