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COVID-19 - Doctors surgery, don't visit, treat minor illness at home

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Sat 21st Mar 2020
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Coronavirus latest: Dear Patient. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the response should now be escalated and everyone should stop non-essential contact with others. It is for these reasons that we are escalating our plans to minimise the impact as much as we can. We have therefore decided that the next step is for us to restrict access to the surgery. This will help reduce the footfall in the building and help with social distancing to reduce the threat of cross-infection. From now on our reception will be closed to visitors. All routine appointments except for essemtial dressings and vaccinations with the nurses are temporarily postponed. We understand your concern at this time, but we ask you not phone or book appointments for minor illness or injury that can be self-treated. For more detail about what we are doing go to [doctors surgery website] [doctors surgery name]
Text from my doctors

It is quite understandable that in this time of crisis that we support the NHS and all medical staff - we are asked to treat minor illness at home and not to visit or talk to doctor unless we are seriously ill. Remarkable times.

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Blog Categories: Texts, Emails & Social Media | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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