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COVID-19 - Our children need all our time & encouragement at this time

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Wed 25th Mar 2020
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We are self isolating for the duration of the pandemic, as a family, with a 6 and 9 year old, but trying to work too and get other things done. I and my children won't be leaving the house for months, nor will we have any visitors which also presents its own challenges.

It is a hard time for many adults around the world - terrible for some - losing loved ones, losing jobs, money, security, unable to see their families due to their jobs etc. As for our children, they won't see their friends for months, and will miss their regular school routine, and seeing friends. This is hard for them too.

Our children need as much time and encouragement from us as possible at this time, they will be exposed to secondary stress from us and negative vibes from the news. Easy to say, but difficult to do if we are either stressed or busy with work, especially if we are a key worker.

Perhaps it is us who are parents who can do this, perhaps it is another important person in their life such as grandparents talking over the phone daily.

But I do think they need the encouragement when we can give it - that although things are hard now, they should turn out somehow OK in the end, even if people around us pass away, and that we are strong and we can get through this, even though it may be hard sometimes. And that we can work together as a family and help one another through this be listening to one another and giving one another space when we need it, even though it may be hard sometimes.

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Blog Categories: Self Isolating | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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