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COVID-19 - Home Schooling is testing my spelling!

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Tue 24th Mar 2020
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Been sitting with my 6 year old today doing and marking spelling exercises, but must admit it tests my own spelling ability!

Some I can work out, but I'm not a teacher and the obvious suddenly becomes less obvious. When adding 'ing' to Hit I know it is Hitting, but then I start looking at Cheat and Beg and I have to stop and think.

And what about adding apostrophes to words to shorten - Do Not and Could Not is easy, but what about Will Not? Is it willn't - Florence thought so but Googling it and I still didn't get an answer!

We had the added distraction of a roof across the road being fixed - ridge tiles blew off in storms a while ago but only just being fixed. Suddenly becomes very interesting when you've got spellings and maths to do.

Boris Johnson yesterday announced a much harder lock down - and quite rightly so - but people need to work, houses need to be made water tight, important work must get done.

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Blog Categories: Home Schooling | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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