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COVID-19 - First day of Home Schooling, but had fun too

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020
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We've survived our first Home Schooling day during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Given that we are self isolating for the long term - maybe 12 weeks, we both felt it was necessary to have a proper structured day, starting at 9am, with a timetable covering various elements of the curriculum - maths, english, ICT, topic etc. With a 6 and 9 year old we need to find something to do - and start with a clear structure - and it has worked

It does help that my wife is a teacher in years 4-6, but that doesn't discount my input too. I sat with Florence helping her get into both the maths and english plus a other things - I didn't get much work done myself, or am likely to over the coming months.

But we had fun too - time in the garden, time to play, read and watch TV. And whilst the situation of Coronavirus pandemic is horrible, we are making the most of it and enjoying time spent together with the children.

The Case of the Missing Dog

And we had The Case of the Missing Dog - a small furry friend that lives in Florence's bed along with some other friends, but who went missing at bed time. A man hunt went out searching all rooms of the house, with tracker dogs (OK, other small friends), to no avail. Further searching located the friend tucked inside her bed, and a happy reunion commenced.

What we are all doing around the country is hard, but we need some fun to, to keep ourselves going.

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Blog Categories: Home Schooling | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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