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COVID-19 - Artists income will suffer due to this pandemic

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Sun 22nd Mar 2020
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Many bad things are happening to many people just now - people very unwell, dying, isolated, unable to work or run their businesses etc.

Whilst it may seem small in comparison, artists are going to suffer too. So many exhibitions are being cancelled, and artists use these to not only sell their work, but make contact with new clients - there is an immediate and longer term affect. Add to this that in the coming months and perhaps years people won't have much money in their pocket, they aren't going to spend on extra things like they used to.

The government have brought great packages out for businesses and employees who would lose their jobs due to the pandemic, and that is all very well, but most artists are self employed and will not currently benefit from any of this. Worse still though, they may suffer long after the pandemic is over because people may still not want to go to crowded exhibitions, or spend money - the world is going to have to pay off the debts from the pandemic for years to come - it will cast a long shadow. Look at the 2008 banking crisis, or the 1930 wall street crash.

Some, or many, are trying to do things on line, selling their goods, and that is great. But it isn't like meeting someone and hearing about their passions in art at an exhibition.

Artists income will suffer due to this pandemic.

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Blog Categories: Economy | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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