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COVID-19 - We've just been to a funeral

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Thu 19th Mar 2020
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Whilst we appreciate that many are going through really hard times - losing loved ones, losing jobs & businesses, working very hard in hospitals and all the rest, the Coronavirus pandemic is poor timing for us too.

We've just buried a family member

6 days ago we buried an elderly close family member who had had advanced Parkinsons / cancer for some years. The past year in particular has been hard. They live 5 minutes walk away, we visited them most days, and their husband was her fully time career and could hardly leave the house. It was hard, there were many physical and mental needs, we loved them, but watched them die slowly.

A few days after the funeral (6 days ago) her husband of 54 years, who we visit most days, is told they must self isolate for 12 weeks+. We can pass shopping over to them, but can't visit them. He has been a virtual prisoner at home, due to the Parkinsons mainly - they've been effectively in isolation and we've been supporting them. The minute he gets freedom, he can't go out - for months. It is hard to describe that without having gone through it, but think about it. That is really really bad timing.

But we are strong and will do what we can and get through it.

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Blog Categories: Commentary | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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