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COVID-19 - We're making a list - a rather different list

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Sun 22nd Mar 2020
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6 weeks ago, a close relative, who we had been helping to care for, died. The funeral was 10 days ago. Even then, we could not have imagined the catastrophe that has unfurled for so many - a rampant deadly illness flying through the world at break neck speed leaving havoc in it's wake.

We are self isolating, and not going out, until the crisis is over. Our children (6 & 9) are now at home, as we (parents) are both, for the long term. We have reasons for this, and don't want Coronavirus, or to put more strain on the NHS, or be a carrier for others.

Whilst it is all necessary, and others are having a much worse time, this all has a cost - financial & social. This section of my blog attempts to document our story through this pandemic.

What we wanted to do

Following the funeral, we had so many things we wanted and needed to do. Help the surviving relative (83), sort & clear out the many boxes of theirs we have in our house (25 boxes in our bedroom, there isn't enough space for my clothes). Then do much needed work on our garden and house. As well as work, take children to school, and live a normal life.

We can't do most of those things now - our time is taken up with other things (like home schooling), and we can't get out to get rid of things, because we are staying in unless absolutely necessary - and we need the space to home school and work.

What we are going to do

Some things on our new list - as well as all the 'normal' things like cook & eat:

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