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COVID-19 - It feels like we're at war, but we are doing our bit

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Fri 20th Mar 2020
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We routinely sit eating our tea in silence now. We listen to the latest broadcast from Boris Johnson et. al. on the Coronavirus pandemic. It feels as though we are at war, listening to some Churchillian war time broadcast.

But we are doing our bit. We are starting our self isolation now, with the 4 of us staying at home, working and doing home schooling. We won't be having visitors to the house, and will only go out if really necessary. It feels as though we are at war, but we are doing our bit. We are helping stop spreading this virus, and from filling up hospital beds. I've written another blog article about our self isolation.

This pandemic will change our economy (we'll leave it with massive debts, but the government are right to inject so much cash to help businesses and people to get through this). When we come out of it perhaps it will reduce the number of freelancers (at the time of writing, their wages are not being underwritten like today's announcements for employees). It may change the way we shop - people will get even more used to buying on line and home deliveries - will they really return to the already hard hit high street - and there will be less shops there if they do. Traditional retail may suffer more than it has, but hopefully local businesses will be stronger with more business.

But we have to do what we are doing, otherwise this pandemic will hit so many people, the NHS will be overwhelmed, and we'll loose more and more valuable people.

It feels like we're at war, but we are doing our bit.

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