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COVID-19 - In years to come, people won't believe us

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020
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Scores of people dying around the world? People being fined for leaving their own home or not walking on their own? Schools closed indefinitely? Many businesses suspended? Many people told to isolate at home for the long term, including all over 70s? Shops with no food in them? All churches, mosques and other religious places closed? Olympic games being suspended for 2 years? Vast amounts of money spent by governments to pay NHS, keep businesses afloat and to pay wages of those to lose jobs? Worldwide dislocation?

It sounds like an Orwellian existence in another age; or a world war. But it is neither. It is the result of an unseen enemy, that travels by air and touch, around this globe using as it's host not an airplane but a person.

In years to come, people won't believe us. They really wouldn't - it is so unreal. But it is happening here and now today - and it is very very real. We as a family are in isolation. We have a 6 and 9 year old and today have converted our front room into a school room so we can home educate them.

And there is the huge economic change - a perhaps bloated market has completely crashed - the FTSE 100 down 30% in one month - and reflected around the world. Many well run businesses crashing to the floor as they can't trade for any number of coming months. It won't be easy to get out of this - to just keep the country going masses of money has been committed by the government as well as many huge tax holidays, and this will have to be paid back, at a huge cost, at a time when there will be less money around for people to spend, so less taxes paid. There will be a long term cost to this.

In years to come, people won't believe us, but it is true, it did really happen. Unless I wake in a few hours to find this was some horrible nightmare.

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Blog Categories: Commentary | My Coronavirus Story | All / Filter

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