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Solid woodblocks for relief printmaking, in various hard & soft woods, hand made using traditional skills using mainly hand planes etc., by David Rodgers in the UK.

Sawing using Japanese Floor Horses

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Wed 18th Nov 2020

For 30+ years I've had rare health conditions, and I want to explore additional hand tool methods of working, so am exploring the Japanese methods.

Japanese Saw
One of my Japanese Saws - superb piece of kit, and so quiet in use

Recently I made some trial Japanese Saw Horses to see how they would work, working from the floor - they've been great for assembling carcasses of shelves, but today I tried to rip through a 18mm pine board using a Japanese hand saw, but maybe I didn't do it right, but it hurt my back at the time, and to be honest I should have stopped - I suffer chronic pain anyway especially in my back, and tonight it is very sore and will be for several days to come.

For now I may need to (re)saw planks at the bench and the workout how to do it from the floor. All work in progress!

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