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Books that Inspired Me

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Sat 14th Nov 2020
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Old isn't always bad. These books were written in the late 1980s, pre modern computing, mobiles, wearable devices, along with their different fashions, long hair and big glasses, and in terms of woodworking, less reliance on machines and still a strong focus on traditional methods (hand planes, saws etc.). But they explore different types of timeless working methods for those who work in wood - making cabinets yes, but chairs, boats, wood turners etc. And yes, there is a great section on Japanese methods, and when I read it, it really hit me how this could be useful to me.

For 30 years I've had rare health conditions, and have always used hand tools (not machines) and for reasons that I will explore elsewhere standing up is impractical for me, my heart rate shoots up, I suffer chronic pain, and it exhausts me. In fact it has been doing this for years, but I hadn't realised why. Although I've known about the conditions for years, it can take time to work things out, and have the confidence to make some pretty radical changes - changes that change the way I've worked for years.

To be honest, re-reading these books (that I've had for years) has been such a revelation to me and it has made me rethink how I work radically, and I'm going to be exploring Japanese woodworking methods - not necessarily the tools as such, but the working from the floor method, and using what tools I can.

Old isn't always bad, and I'll continue to read these books and find out more, continue to explore and see where it goes.

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Blog Categories: Inspiration | Japanese Woodworking Adaptations | All / Filter

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