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Solid woodblocks for relief printmaking, in various hard & soft woods, hand made using traditional skills, by David Rodgers in the UK.

Making Sets of Drawers

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Fri 7th May 2021

Over the years I've made some case work furniture pieces, sometimes with drawers, and mostly with hand tools. Some for myself, some for others.

My Studio needs some drawers - those marking gauges are too high up on a shelf and won't stay up there - so replacing shelf with case of wall mounted drawers - much neater and tidier. A travesty that these accurate well made tools are just sitting roughly on a shelf - needs sorting out.

Current mess
The mess I want to sort out!

I plan to update this blog, and my Instagram account (@bucksprintmaker), with some photos as I go along, showing some of the hand tools, techniques, and final products as I go along. Just so long as we don't go into another Lockdown (when I'll be home schooling) or something else crops up.

Drawers made years ago
Some drawers I made years ago, and still going strong, for my sharpening bench

Tidying Out and Finding Things

Whilst doing some tidying, I found some interesting things. On finding the dovetails, would so like to do more on what I make, I'm quite capable of doing them, but this printmaking site doesn't ask for them much - and with lockdowns, and so many other life things happening, I just haven't had time to do it.

Dovetails I made years ago - would so like to make more on a smaller cabinet - am quite capable, but this printmaking site doesn't call for them much!

Zebrano and Walnut Wood
I love Zebrano wood, it has a yellow background, with black stripes, and would look great combined with some Black Walnut in a small set of drawers, or door on a cabinet. But it is hard to plane (use scrapers), so smaller items only. Wood shown here are rough planks, they don't show true contrast of woods. Spalted Beech and Walnut would look great too.

Mackintosh-esk inspired stringing
Mackintosh-esk inspired stringing (test piece for a clock) - made so many years ago I'd completely forgotten about it.

Abstract stringing
More abstract stringing, test piece for a clock - made so many years ago I'd completely forgotten about it.

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