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Why Potato Skins make me so unwell

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Sun 28th Feb 2021

Is this for real, you ask, or a spoof?

It is for real. It is my life. I have Gastroparesis (a medical condition meaning my stomach doesn't empty in the usual way), and many foods exasperate the condition, creating considerable pain and difficulty in eating, and have done increasingly for 30+ years.

And just one of these foods is Potato Skins. If properly cooked, the insides are fine, I can eat and digest those. But the skins make me so unwell.

Recently I ate one (why - a different story), along with the inside, and within a few hours had considerable cramps, all-over muscle aches and feeling very tired. Doubled my medication that night (2 x Cosmocol) but made no difference, all the next day felt dreadful - considerable stomach and digest pain, general muscle pain and wiped out. Domperidone had little effect. Doubled medication again that evening (2 x Cosmocol), and continued well into the next day. 48 hours of considerable symptoms - just for a potato skin.

Many other foods - particularly fibrous foods (fruit, veg or anything slightly tough), or those containing gluten, do just the same thing (see Gastroparesis for more complete details). Just a few dried apricots make me quite unwell in a similar way, for example.

Ditto quantity - I eat 7 small meals a day, I can't have 3 meals, it is too much, my stomach doesn't empty fast enough.

So my diet consists either of fruit and veg made into a smoothie (I need the nutrients) and other softer and more digestible food, eaten 7 times a day - about every 2 or 3 hours.

A scrambled egg with plenty of extra fluid added is fine, but a soft boiled egg creates problems.

2 or 3 slices of gluten-free bread, yuk, horrible, can't process it. 1 toasted is fine (especially when dampened with a scrambled egg).

It makes my life a challenge, I have to eat so often, and eating a massively restricted diet, presented in the right way (made into a smoothie, for example).

But it is my life and has been increasingly for 30 years, and I'm quite used to it. It is normal for me.

I do not therefore regard myself as a sick person, because I can adapt. And when things go wrong, I'm so used to the pain and exhaustion that can also carry on. Therefore, I carry one.

For more information, do see my Gastroparesis page.


Shortly after recovering from the Potato Skin Incident, I ate some salmon which was within it's 'Eat Before Date' but which was off. This made me quite unwell for several days which just added to the problems.

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