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Coronavirus Information

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected many people in many different ways, and this page provides an update on this in relation to myself.

When home schooling my children, I have limited time to create my woodblocks & type case cabinets, but if you have a requirement then please do let me know.

As a family we follow all government guidelines, limiting contact with others as required. If we had any symptoms we would self isolate and follow all current guidelines.

Cleanliness & Infection

Cleanliness & Infection is an important aspect of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Any packages sent to me (e.g. tools for sharpening) are usually left unopened for a few days before starting work to reduce any cross infection. In reality this shouldn't lengthen the turn around time as I'm not usually able to work on them the day the package arrives.

I will wash my hands or use gel before working on your tools. However, due to the nature of the tools & materials it isn't possible to disinfect the tools/materials and I would strongly recommend that any parcels sent back to you are left unopened for a few days before opening just in case.

Should either myself or any member of my family have Coronavirus symptoms, or have been in sufficient contact with someone who has, then I will not touch or work on any materials to be sent out until after the quarantine period has passed or whatever the current advised procedure is.

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