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Rare Health Conditions

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For 30 years I have had some rare health conditions, by product of which is my having Gastroparesis which means I can't digest food like other people which requires restrictive diet and eating every 2-3 hours. I also have a fair amount of muscular pain so I need stretches, movement and exercise daily to help.

However, these does not make me a sick person, nor is it my identity, and have deliberately chosen not to provide pages of detail here as I wish to get on with my life - it isn't my identity.

Whilst these are rare life long conditions, I am fortunately that, through a lot of hard work by myself, I had found consultants who understand and assist. There are ways we can adapt, and it does make us appreciate life in a way that is hard to describe here.

Whilst I wouldn't want to list the names & symptoms (and why should I) the ones that stand out for others (even though they don't bother me) are being allergic and intolerant of quite a lot of food - most food in your food cupboards I wouldn't be able to eat. It isn't just what I each though - it is how it is cooked, and how much I eat. For example I eat 6 times a day as this makes things much easier for me to digest the food. But as this has been increasingly the norm for 30 years for me, it really doesn't bother me - things could be a lot worse, and I've had a lot of help from my consultants.

I do also tend to pick up bugs - colds and tummy bugs, and 2 young children do bring plenty of those home to share around.

I have deliberately chosen here to summarise without too many details, and there is a reason for that. Whilst I have several health conditions, I have chosen also to get on with life and, as best as possible, to not let them rule me, or hold me back, and I simply don't want them to be an issue with my work, or perception from others about me.

We have one chance to live our life, and this is my chance, here, today to do that and get on with, and do the best for my children, my family, and myself.

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