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Based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire (UK), married with 2 junior aged children. Strong interest in wood & tool sharpening/maintenance, & a later interest in Wood & Printmaking (esp Wood Engraving); made contemporary wooden clock cases in past.

Myself working
Myself working.

Born 1973 in Leicestershire (UK), went to Loughborough Grammar School, then off to University of Hertfordshire, with a year working for Oxford Instruments, based in Oxford, working on their particle accelerators.

Spent a some years working long hours in business, but the conditions that I have had for most of my life meant some changes.

For 30 years had rare continuing health conditions, by product is Gastroparesis (I can't digest food like other people which requires restrictive diet and eating every 2-3 hours).

Chairman of Amersham Art Group.

Related to William Hair Haseler, early 20 Century silver smith who worked with Arthur Lasenby Liberty (from Chesham) who founded the famous Liberty & Co shop in London, read blog entry.

Being a Quiet Neighbour

I wish not to be a nuisance to those in our neighbourhood. All the activities outlined on this site are done quietly, with either hand tools or occasionally some hand held devices such as drills (usually battery operated) - I don't own any large powered machines, and my press is as silent as can be - it is entirely mechanical with one manually operated screw thread.

But more importantly, this isn't something I'm doing all day as I do childcare etc. - so those around me won't even know when I'm doing it. The few deliveries I have are in the post or small parcels delivered when I'm at home, and currently no customers visit me.

There is also no excessive dust, or chemical smells or any other type of annoyance, I hope. Further more as I have chronic rhinosinusitis I use a quiet dust extractor to remove dust from atmosphere and clean away saw dust continually as I work with a powerful Henry vacuum cleaner so my workspace is clean and tidy - there are no piles of flammable saw dust lying around.

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