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Working Methods

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I work by myself, producing low volumes of entirely hand made items. I work quietly, using mainly hand tools - hand saws, hand planes etc. to create my work, with occasional battery operated hand held tool usage. With dust allergies, I constantly clear up any wood shavings & saw dust up using a quiet vacuum machine.

I consider my neighbours carefully - my working practice is quiet and partly influenced by Japanese practices - for larger sawing I mainly use a Japanese hand saw which cuts cleanly and quietly, and my hand planes are equally quiet. I sometimes use a Japanese floor mounted planing beam, horses etc. In fact my listening to radio 3, which isn't set that loud, usually makes more noise.

I don't own any floor standing powered machines like saws or planers, nor do I have any need or want for them - I can work quickly, efficient & quietly with hand tools.

As most of my items are made to order, in small quantities, I don't have stacks of timber lying around.

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