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Solid woodblocks for relief printmaking, in various hard & soft woods, hand made using traditional skills using mainly hand planes etc., by David Rodgers in the UK.

Working Practice

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I work by myself, producing low volumes of entirely hand made items. I work quietly, using mainly hand tools - hand saws, hand planes etc. to create my work, with occasional battery operated hand held tool usage. With dust allergies, I constantly clear up any wood shavings & saw dust up using a quiet vacuum machine. My area has a large open floor used for photography as well.

Some hand tools
Some hand tools

I consider my neighbours carefully - my working practice is quiet and partly influenced by Japanese practices - for larger sawing I mainly use a Japanese hand saw which cuts cleanly and quietly, and my hand planes are equally quiet. I sometimes use a Japanese floor mounted planing beam, horses etc. In fact my listening to radio 3, which isn't set that loud, usually makes more noise.

I don't own any floor standing powered machines like saws or planers, nor do I have any need or want for them - I can work quickly, efficient & quietly with mainly hand tools. Further more, with rare health conditions, long term machine usage would be dangerous.

Working area
Working area set up for photography - wide open floor space is more to me - there are no large machines or piles of materials

But more importantly, I don't do this all day long, just when necessary. I do childcare etc. and other things.

The few deliveries I have are postal or small parcels delivered when I'm at home; currently no one visits me.

With little chemical usage, there are no smells or any other type of annoyance.

As most of my items are made to order, in small quantities, I don't have stacks of timber or finished products lying around.

Environmental Concerns
Information about the environment and my work.
Fire Safety Risk Assessment
Whilst I do not believe I perform high risk activities, fire safety is important - for my own, and those around me. I have consider this aspect carefully, and documented in this area.

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