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Greetings Cards Sustainability

I am in the process of updating these out of date pages especially with wood engraving information.

My cards are packaged in Plastic Free Packaging, and are printed on 100% Recycled Kraft fleck card.

This section applies only to my cards at present. For my clocks and larger prints I am using up old plastic based packaging, which when gone will be replaced by non plastic based packaging when I can find it. It is a waste to throw away this old packaging.

Disclaimer This section contains information that is to the best of my knowledge accurate, but is subject to change over time. If materials are not obtainable, I reserve the right to replace with alternatives.

Card Materials

Card are printed on 100% Recycled Kraft fleck 270gsm card. This is card made from recycled brown card etc. that hasn't been bleached. This is a lovely flecked material, and by it's nature contains flexs of colour within it, because it is made from recycled material and unbleached.

Note: the flexs of colour aren't faults but the nature of the material.

Inks & Protective Clothing

Cards are printed using either Soy based or Linseed Oil based inks. The former is cleaned up using water and a little detergent. My Christmas cards require need slightly larger than a toothpaste size of ink to do about 40 cards - very little ink, and very little water to cleanup. Cards such as the vintage advertising take more ink as there is more to print, but still it isn't very much. A tube of ink lasts me a long time!

I wear latex gloves whilst printing (about 1 pair per 40 cards) to protect my hands. Some printing inks are thought to cause cancer with skin contact, and whilst latex gloves are not recyclable, until someone provides something that is, for the sake of my health I will continue to use these. All other protective gear (apron etc.) is worn many many times until worn out.

Protective Compostable Clear Bags

My cards are supplied in compostable clear protective bags - these are not plastic, but compostable via your council or similar industrial composting (not your compost bin at home). According to the manufacturer,

Manufactured in the UK, in 30 micron high clarity PLA film.

Nativia PLA - Polylactic Acid is made from corn and other plant starch. The bags can be industrially composted and will disintegrate in six months into CO2, water and humous. These bags are also recyclable.

... films have achieved the four-star OK Biobased certificate from Vinçotte and are approved for industrial composting according to EN 13432 standard by DIN CERTCO
Why do you use bags at all? The bags are provided to keep the cards clean and safe. If you prefer not to have these bags at all, let me know when ordered, but note your cards are more likely to get damaged - something that I am not responsible for.

Fluted paper padded envelopes

All cards are posted in Fluted paper padded envelopes - these contain no plastics, but inside is fluted paper to protect the contents.

Paper tape

All sticky tape is paper based, not cello-tape - which is plastic based.

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